Pre-Marital Counselling

Happy marriages are based on deep friendship, mutual respect & genuine enjoyment of each other’s company.

John Gottman

Pre-marital counseling is designed to help couples deepen their understanding of each other and acquire tools for maintaining a happy and healthy long-term relationship. Research indicates that couples who undergo premarital counseling are significantly less likely to divorce.

At our practice, we use a program with over 35 years of research and success in strengthening relationships.

Our pre-marital program begins with a 45-minute online assessment, providing valuable insight into enriching your relationship. Together, we explore your relationship’s strengths, growth areas, and deepen your understanding of each other. Throughout the program, couples work closely with our therapists, focusing on the topics that matter most to their relationship.

Speciality areas covered in our pre-marital counselling program:

  • Cohabitation issues
  • Communication styles
  • Conflict management & resolution
  • Financial management
  • Lifestyle & leisure interests
  • Marriage expectations
  • Parenting expectations
  • Partner style & habits
  • Relationship & household roles
  • Relationships with family & friends
  • Sexual expectations
  • Spiritual beliefs

To learn more about the program and the benefits of pre-marital counselling, please inquire below and check out our blog

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